Decarbonizing the

Eolyss team - Mindset

To succeed in the fight against climate change, you need several conditions :

Take a position

The debate is open between those who "believe" in climate change and those who do not.

For Eolyss, this debate is outdated. Eolyss acknowledges the physical reality of what science is reporting and relies on it to recognize that the share of error and uncertainty is extremely small and that the planet is obviously facing overheating, the consequences of which are already very real.

Switching to solution mode

Solving a problem means first of all understanding it and extracting the information that will enable solutions to emerge. Reducing the carbon footprint means understanding the footprint and monitoring its evolution. Eolyss was born from this idea of gathering information and designing a tool to make this information accessible and usable to accelerate the shift towards a shipping industry less dependent on fossil fuels.

Be on the long term

The fight against climate change is oriented over long periods. It has taken time to detect them, it has taken time to understand their origin, and it will take time to see the effects of the corrective measures. The delays encountered can be longer than a human life, discouragement and fatalism can overwhelm you: why make a Lilliputian effort that will remove an invisible drop of water in the ocean of pollutants generated by those who don't care about global warming climate? Just because your neighbor's dirty doesn't mean you have to be the same, you can prefer virtue to vice, and in this case, the trickle down theory also applies. Many small GHG reduction streams will turn into rivers and reverse the trend. It may even be, let's have a dream, that the polluters, or their heirs, end up understanding where their interest lies and realize that the companies of tomorrow will be those which will have been able to anticipate and will have taken the train of decarbonation and not those which will sit on their butt watching others get tired of inventing products and solutions more in line with the expectations of their customers.

Eolyss team - The players

Denis Margot - President


Telecom engineer, Paris. Begins software development and technical support on public telephone networks and then on wireless networks in France, Canada and the United States. He then orients his career towards sustainable development, notably with Alain Neveu, by developing innovative patented technologies in native cellulose based biomaterials and working on a modern sailboat project. Design plans for a cellulose manufacturing plant, then install, automate, and industrialize it. The synergy between information processing, business development, involvement in low-carbon shipping and the desire to fight climate change led him to create the Eolyss platform, which accelerates migration towards a merchant navy with low GHG and marine pollutant emissions.

Jean Vachon - VP communication and marketing


Entrepreneur, communicator and business coach. In his 30+ years of experience, Jean has participated in the development of many businesses, both large and small. These include Téo Taxi, an innovative fully electrified passenger transportation company whose brand has been successful both locally and internationally. His first concern is clear and effective communication in order to achieve corporate objectives that generate value for his clients and partners.
Climate and environmental challenges are now unavoidable priorities for any organization concerned about both its environmental impact and its brand image. Jean has always been passionate about ecology and wants to help maritime transporters achieve the objectives resulting from the commitments made by the IMO.

Mahaut Ricciardi-Rigault - Ventes / Développement d'affaires


Entrepreneur at heart, Mahaut founded her own brokerage company in environmental and sustainable solutions in 2007. Her implication in the field of environment earned her the title of Incontournable de l’environnement awarded by the business magazine Première en affaires, in 2009. Her company leads her to work on projects related to energy efficiency, reduction of GHG emissions and optimization of industrial processes, among others. From 2011 to 2017, she led the Ventix research team, which then focused its efforts on the development and financing of eco-efficient technologies with low GHG emissions. She has thus collaborated in the pre-marketing efforts of the company Néoline, which plans to build the largest transatlantic cargo sailboats in the world, as she seeked agreements in principle worth more than $ 15M, in just a few months. Mahaut is now joining the Eolyss platform to continue her fight against climate change.